Automotive Video Marketing

Your customers are searching for Video
Video is engaging, and effective
“We want the process to be organic, and we’re keen to show you how you can use video content to reach new audiences”. ┬áIt is easier than you think it will be!
Specialising in Automotive Video Marketing for motor dealers and Dealer Groups who want to engage car buyers on their website and exploit the SEO benefits that video offers to both buyer and seller. Video is already a key part of the sales process for ‘Best in Class dealers’. EyeTee can provide everything you need to Video, from Equipment, onsite training, SEO & Branding to full dealer support.
What will Video do for me?
Dealers using EyeTee Solutions achieve huge gains in both online viewing figures and time spent their website.
Video does provide gains in organic SEO.
Video was made for sharing.
Exploit your on-line potential.
Improve your customers experience (UX).
Together we will develop your video strategy that meets your needs and works with your resources.
We will look further than just your website.
What will EyeTee do?
EyeTee will train your staff in ‘Best practice Videoing’ and Photography of cars with the latest and best equipment available for the job from start to finish.
By using years of experience in ‘Dealer training programmes for Photography Online Marketing and Videography’ will share the secrets of exactly how to shoot,
turning your picture takers into your key online marketeers.
Photography and Video are THAT important.
Eyetee will provide support, advice, and the right tools for the job.
Get you connected with new on-line audiences.
Increase your stock turn overnight.
Give your customers what they want…